Brett Leavy - Warrane

Bamal Badu

An exciting 3D virtual worldscape showing pre-colonial Darling Harbour

This year, we're delighted to announce the launch of an exciting new exhibition - Bamal Badu (Earth / Water).

This exciting 3D virtual worldscape showing pre-colonial Darling Harbour will be located at the front of the museum and welcome guests into our new exhibition entitled Shaped by the Sea. This digital artwork honours and respects the First Nations people who lived and continue to live around Sydney Harbour. Our curators are working with renowned digital producer and historian Brett Leavy and other leading Aboriginal art and cultural practitioners to share these stories. 

Brett Leavy’s work is always vibrant and engaging - visitors of all ages will be enthralled by flashbacks to the past and the ability to make direct comparisons with the same areas now. 

Virtual Warrane - work by Brett-Leavy for Virtual Songlines

Brett hails from the Kooma people from country between St George and the Cunnamulla region, on the NSW / Queensland border. Brett is passionately interested in his culture, history and community, listening to and recording the stories of knowledge holders and gathering oral histories of First Nations people across Australia. 

Through his digital mapping and virtual worlds, he aims to showcase the deep-seated connection of Indigenous peoples to their land, recreate the lifestyle of First Nations people within their respective Native Title boundaries, promote the care and protection of native flora and fauna as well as share knowledge of bush food and medicines.

The words bamal (earth) and badu (waters) were provided by the Metropolitan Aboriginal Land Council.


Bamal Badu, Brett Leavy, creative director Virtual Songlines, 2019 - artwork developed with a contribution from the ANMM Foundation given by the Turnbull Foundation.

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