On 2 April 2019, the Directors of Australia’s Major Migration and Multicultural Museums agreed it would be desirable for Australia’s museums to do more to encourage reflection and dialogue about the experience of migrating and settling in Australia and to challenge the misunderstandings that fuel xenophobia, but noted that what can be delivered is funding dependent. 

The Directors agreed to form an alliance to:

I. raise the profile of migration and multicultural museums and argue for increased investment in the national migration story; 
II.    collaborate in the development of migration and multicultural themed exhibitions and programs; and 
III.   collaborate in touring exhibitions and programs throughout Australia. 

The Directors also agreed to work together on development of joint research program and to collaborate on the development of educational resources to support social inclusion.  

The National Alliance of Migration and Multicultural Museums is comprised of the Australian National Maritime Museum, the Immigration Museum in Victoria, the Migration Museum (a museum of the History Trust of South Australia), the Western Australian Museum, the Sydney Jewish Museum, the National Museum of Australia and the five museums comprising Multicultural Museums Victoria  –  the Islamic Museum of Australia, the Jewish Museum of Australia, the Museum of Chinese Australian History, the Museo Italiano, the Hellenic Museum.


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