"The Australian National Maritime Museum was pleased to convene a meeting of Australia’s migration and major ethnic specific museums on 2 April 2019 to discuss the ways in which museums can build understanding of diversity and in doing so, help address discrimination against migrants, refugees and their families" said Kevin Sumption PSM. "The communique of the meeting acknowledges significant work by the museums and announces the first round of collaborative projects to further support social inclusion and community harmony.

"As the events of Christchurch have demonstrated, Islamophobia can lead to the most horrendous acts of terrorism. And as others have observed, there have been years of attacks on mosques in Australia." 

"I felt compelled to act because our museum’s remit includes migration to Australia. We know that the public trusts museums. And it is our licence to educate the community about the experience of migrants, including those of Islamic faith, through our exhibitions and programs."

"Muslims have lived in Australia for generations. Indeed, the first showcase most visitors see at the Australian National Maritime Museum is about encounters between Macassan traders from Sulawesi and Aboriginal people in the far north of Australia."

"Museums are a safe haven for exploration of a myriad of complex ideas issues, and our exhibitions, programs and research can galvanise audiences to change themselves and to become a part of the change they want to see in the world."

As the communique foreshadows, the Museum also hopes to pursue major national collaborative exhibition with migration and multicultural museums in 2020.

"We will also be working with community to ensure Muslims feel welcome at the museum and enjoy all the museum has to offer."

In May 2019, the Museum will screen Boundless Plains", a documentary created by the Islamic Museum of Australia. This compelling film depicts the search by 4 Muslim men to understand Australia’s nuanced and less well-known Muslim history.

In June 2019, the Museum will create opportunities for visitors to participate in a creative project with refugee artists to mark Refugee Week (17-22 June).


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