Boundless Plains

Boundless Plains

A film exploring the Australian-Muslim connection

Four young Muslim men set off in 2011 determined to discover at first hand more about Australian-Muslim history.

City boys at heart, they have no idea what they will learn or what awaits them, as they cross the vast Australian continent on the journey of a lifetime, crossing over 20,000km across 5 states and 1 territory by plane, 4X4, boat and on foot.

Much of Australia’s broader population are unaware of the positive contributions made by Muslim Australians across a wide range of diverse endeavours. Tracing the nuanced roots of Australian Muslim history, the Boundless Plains film unearths the fascinating legacy of the first contact between Muslims arriving from Makassar and their impact in shaping contemporary Australian society.

Screening Daily in the Theatrette | Free


Produced by the Islamic Museum of Australia.

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