Fire on waters edge

The Black Summer of 2019–2020


Looking back at the impact of 2019–2020 through the words and images of emergency responders and local residents

Right across Australia, families and communities were ravaged by the worst bushfire season the country has ever witnessed.

The fires were unusual in how they affected coastal communities and maritime areas. Thousands of Australians were forced to find refuge on beaches, wharves and boat ramps. The apocalyptic images of Mallacoota in Victoria are now literally seared in our memory. Even the Australian Navy were mobilised to evacuate people, carry equipment, supplies and medical teams to help various coastal towns.

With many roads blocked – transport by sea became the only option in some circumstances. 

This free outdoor exhibition documents the 2019–20 bushfires through the words and images of Navy personnel, Surf Life Savers and residents of the New South Wales/Victorian South Coast. It looks at the immediate response through artists of the Bushfire Brandalism collective, with their works making a strong plea for climate action in the wake of destruction.



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