An exhibition of photography, 'trashion', and a shop full of everything you never needed and more!

Plastic pollution has become ubiquitous in our oceans and on our shores.

Beach Couture is a collection of wearable artworks made from rubbish by artist and environmentalist Marina DeBris. Collected from beaches and oceans in Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, America. It makes visible, in grotesquely amusing fashion, what is often overlooked – but shouldn't be. 

The exhibition also features the wildly subversive Inconvenience Store, showcasing repackaged 'convenience' items found washed up on the beach.

Walk away aware of the growing problem of ocean pollution and be inspired to take some action. 

Header image: A Captive Audience wearable art by Marina DeBris. Photo by Richard Flynn. The outfit is made from netting found by Captain Charles Moore in the Pacific Garbage Patch, modelled by Hannah Kat Jones



The whole idea of making beach detritus into art began in 2009 with the realisation that the waste we create always comes back to haunt us.

Marina DeBris

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