Vivid Sydney

27 May – 18 June 2022


Vivid Sydney @ Sea Museum 2022

Join us this May and June for Vivid Sydney 2022 as we celebrate the “Soul of Sydney” through an exceptional line up of light, music and ideas.

Browse our events listed below and get ready to be inspired by the creativity of artists, musicians and thinkers at the museum. 

Across the seas

ACROSS THE SEAS: Immigration by sea to Australia 1940 to 1970


Nightly, Friday 27 May – Saturday 18 June 2022

It is said that the Soul of Sydney resides in Sydney harbour. This stunning collage of images shows that for many immigrants, it was a gateway to a new life.

In this show we travel back to a time when migration by ship was the most common mode of travel and Sydney a coveted destination! People from all over the world dreamt of coming to Australia. Risking a dangerous voyage, arriving on a strange and foreign continent, to build a new life far from loved ones and their old homes.

Our Place: sharing story, film, dance, and song. Photo credit: Jamie Williams

OUR PLACE: sharing story, film, dance, and song

Saturday 18 June 2022, 1pm-7pm
Spend a day with some of Sydney’s most exciting and engaging musicians, performers, artists and cultural leaders as Blacktown Arts, Australian National Maritime Museum and Vivid Sydney, presents Our Place.
Be lifted up by the sounds of vocal and ukulele ensemble, Cook Islands Reo Manea, inspired by stories and songs from First Nations Elders and artists, tap your feet to Sydney Sonata Singers as they revive Filipino classics, recite poetry with Mahdi and Jawad from PYT Fairfield and much more. Full program soon to be announced.

MEHREEN FARUQI and OSMAN FARUQI on family, food and identity

Join us for an honest and hearty conversation between mother and son as they share their personal stories of family, food, identity and community in modern Australia.

Migrant, engineer, activist, feminist and politician, Dr Mehreen Faruqi is joined on stage by her son, Osman Faruqi, the Culture News Editor for The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.

Still from Baaro. Photo Credit: Shivanjani Lal

GATHERING HONEY: stories of family, ceremony, migration and place

Saturday 28 May – Sunday 19 June 2022, Daily (screening times to be announced)
See our City through the eyes of Western Sydney’s most exciting artists and filmmakers as they share stories of family, ceremony, migration and place. Featuring works by Uncle Wes Marne, Sofiyah Ruqayah, Mustafa al Mahdi, Jagath Dheerasekara, Shivanjani Lal, PYT Fairfield and more.
Presented by Blacktown Arts.


Friday 27 May – Saturday 18 June 2022, departing nightly 6pm and 9pm

Starting and finishing at the Australian National Maritime Museum you’ll paddle through Darling Harbour on a very special Sydney VIVID 'moonlight' adventure and out into Sydney Harbour.

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