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Meet extreme rower Michelle Lee and RV Australian Maid

Meet record-breaking athlete Michelle Lee who is about to row across the world’s biggest ocean – solo, unassisted and non-stop.

This spring Michelle Lee will be temporarily based at the Australian National Maritime Museum with her vessel RV Australian Maid

Don't miss this chance to talk with a home-grown inspirational adventurer!

Michelle is completing her final preparations to row 14,000km across the Pacific Ocean – solo, unassisted, non-stop – a journey that could take up to a year. 

Michelle Lee - Visit from SV Skye at top of wave
Visit from SV Skye at the top of a wave. Photo courtesy of Michele Lee. 

"Start thinking you can, and you will."

- Michelle Lee
Each Sunday between 10am – 2pm groups of up to ten people can meet Michelle, learn about her vessel, training regime and discover what motivates her to keep paddling for up to 350 days at a time.  

What will she eat? How does she cope with extreme weather conditions? How does she sleep on the high seas? And how does she handle the isolation and boredom that comes with rowing up to 14 hours a day? 

Michelle Lee - La Gomera, checking satellite comms
La Gomera, checking satellite comms. Photo courtesy Michelle Lee.

48-year-old Sydneysider Michelle Lee is built of grit and determination. She has an impressive history of athletic achievements - she has trekked the Kokoda track, climbed the Himalayas and completed extreme triathlons and long distance road races. 

Michelle’s recent accolades include: 
2019 – Australian Geographic 'Adventurer of the Year'
2018 – Australia’s first woman to row any ocean solo (The Atlantic Ocean – 4,700km)
2017 - World Record Holder: 1 million metre rowing challenge. 

About RV Australian Maid:
Make: Woodvale-designed ocean rowing vessel
Size: 7.7m
Material: Carbon fibre
Hull: Self-righting hull

Dates: Sundays September 27, October 4, 11, 18, 25, November 1
Time: 10am – 2pm
Cost: Admission is included in any paid museum ticket.


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