Who was onboard Her Majesty's Bark Endeavour? What were their motivations for joining what was known to be a dangerous and possibly fatal expedition? How were the captain and crew viewed in 18C England and how do we remember them today? This module explores the people, their motivations and the contributions they made to 18C science and exploration and questions their legacy on the people and places they encountered.

This learning module will: 
• provide background information for a school visit to HMB Endeavour 
• support teachers in developing lesson sequences about the people onboard the 1768–1771 first voyage of HMB Endeavour and how they shaped our world
• provide opportunities for students to engage with images of primary sources for developing questions for inquiry
• examine the actions and views of individuals onboard HMB Endeavour 
• develop knowledge about the individuals onboard the ship for meaningful engagement in the HMB Endeavour site visit
• build awareness and appreciation of, and respect for, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.

Main image: Cook and Banks, © Peter Hudson, 2012. ANMM Collection 00054556