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Tony Albert - The Hand You’re Dealt, 2016, Courtesy of the artist and Sullivan + Strumpf, Photo: Sam Noonan

Defying Empire: 3rd National Indigenous Triennial

31 Jan 2021

An exhibition closing soon at the museum reflects on two significant events in the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples – the arrival of James Cook in 1770 and the 1967 Referendum that recognised them as citizens in their own country.

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'The Ones That Got Away' wearable art by Marina DeBris. Photo By Nic Walker. Outfit made from plastic bottles & cans found washed up on Coogee Beach and Gordons Bay. Commissioned by TOMRA. This image features model Laura Wells - an environmentalist, presenter and one of Australia’s top plus-size models

Beach Couture: Art and activism for the oceans

21 Jan 2021

It is estimated that every year, 8 million tonnes of plastics enter our ocean. This is in addition to the estimated 150 million tonnes that currently circulate in our marine environments. A new exhibition at the museum, aims to raise awareness of this problem and prompt a change in our wasteful habits.

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