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Archie Moore (Kamilaroi people), Aboriginal Anarchy 2012 © the artist and The Commercial Gallery, Sydney Purchased 2013. This acquisition has been acquired in recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum.

18 Aug 2020

Defying Empire

18 Aug 2020

The Strange Big Canoe
Behind the scenes tour of the Australian National Maritime Museum with Assistant Director Michael Harvey

18 Aug 2020

Behind the scenes tour of the museum
Searching for Royal Charlotte shipwreck, 2012

18 Aug 2020

Searching for Royal Charlotte Shipwreck
Restricted 21-Foot Class Racing Yacht, Tasmania

18 Aug 2020

Famous Restricted 21-Foot Class Racing Yachts
Dead Reef - Underwater Earth by Christophe Bailhache

18 Aug 2020

Ocean Defenders
Australian military observers being welcomed by Republican officers in Yogyakarta on 14 September 1947. National Library of Australia.

17 Aug 2020

75th anniversary of Indonesian independence
The second pilot steamer  Captain Cook (II) was designed by W D Cruikshank and built at Mort’s Dock & Engineering Company in 1892. Used as a naval training ship during World War II, it was scuttled off Sydney in October 1947. Photographed c 1920 by William James Hall. ANMM Collection ANMS1092[015] Gift from Mr and Mrs Glassford

07 Aug 2020

'Not all beer and skittles': Sydney Harbour pilotage
Image: Matt Hardy, Unsplash

04 Aug 2020

Fast Five: Quick questions with some of Australia's most important ocean defenders