Photograph your working day for a chance to win $2,500 in travel vouchers!

Recently the museum partnered with the All in a Day’s Work photography competition, that invites anyone who works on a remote or high risk job site to submit a photo that sums up their day. Photos from all industries are invited, but we are of course interested to see entries coming through that capture Australia’s contemporary maritime culture.

In this post, we’d like to share some photos from the museum, and also let you know how you can enter the competition.

The competition is open until 10 October and is an initiative of Wilh. Wilhelmsen Investments.

Unusual work is part of our day

 As an organisation which maintains and conserves one of the largest fleets of any museum in the world, the Australian National Maritime Museum manages risk on a daily basis. Along with our dedicated volunteers, our Fleet Services team look after the former Navy destroyer HMAS Vampire, the former Navy submarine HMAS Onslow and the full-scale replica of Captain Cook’s ship HMB Endeavour – currently circumnavigating Australia. From repairing the masts on a tall ship, to fine tuning the 12 cylinder diesel engine on a 1960s tugboat, the museum undertakes a range of jobs that are far from usual.
Furling on HMB Endeavour

HMB Endeavour voyage crew furling a sail. Photo: Australian National Maritime Museum

HMB Endeavour Hauling lines

HMB Endeavour voyage crew hauling lines. Photo: Australian National Maritime Museum.

Climbing aloft HMB Endeavour

HMB Endeavour voyage crew member climbing aloft. Photo: Australian National Maritime Museum

High risk photos are part of our collection

According to the museum’s curator Dr Stephen Gapps photographing workers in remote or high risk job sites is not new. “In the early twentieth century, photographers such as Sam Hood – armed with his Graf Reflex camera with a magnesium flash that sometimes exploded unexpectedly – captured workers around Sydney Harbour. Hood’s images of shipwrights, fitter and turners, stevedores and wharf labourers clambering over huge cranes or lifting heavy cargo, are part of an important and historic collection at the museum. They reflect a long tradition of photographing people all in a day’s work.”

Sam Hood ship launch

HMAS ALBATROSS under construction in 1928 at Cockatoo Island. Photographer Samuel J Hood. Australian National Maritime Museum Collection.

Sam Hood Diver

Diver being dressed for a dive from tug UNDINE in Sydney. Photographer Samuel J Hood. Australian National Maritime Museum Collection.

Sam Hood sacks

Wharf labourers loading wheat in one of the forward holds of the MV AOBASAB at Glebe Island, White Bay. Photographer Samuel J Hood. Australian National Maritime Museum Collection.

Meet the Judges

Judging the entries are three Australian National Maritime Museum staff:

Daina Fletcher (Senior Curator – Maritime Communities)
Daina has been at the museum since 1992. With a background in art history, her professional interests include the history of maritime painting and photography, and the relationship between community and national histories. She has responsibility for developing collections, exhibitions and programs capturing the working life of maritime Australia and how this has transformed communities across the country.

Dr Stephen Gapps (Curator – Environment, Industry & Shipping)
Stephen is an historian and museum curator responsible for the historic images of shipping and trade in the National Maritime Museum collection.

Andrew Frolows (Manager Photographic Services)
Andrew has worked at the museum for the past 15 years and has a diverse range of photographic experience including studio work, photography for museum exhibitions, and images documenting the working harbour.

How do I enter and what can I win?

Anyone, from any sector, can enter the competition. Simply upload photos of the most unusual or unexpected moments in your job for a chance to win $2,500 in travel vouchers. The first 50 entrants will receive a Big Ticket Family Pass to the Australian National Maritime Museum valued at $70 each.

You can enter online until 10 October 2011.

The winners will be announced at a special event in our newly renovated harbour-side function room YOTS on Thursday 20 October 2011.

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