Amy teaches some of the crew how to splice

Latitude; 14°58.6’S

Longitude; 124°09.3’E

Distance run in the last 19 hrs; 64.4NM

Average speed; 3.3KN

The boat runs ashore continue well into the afternoon as we try to get everyone ashore. Just after lunch a big white cruiser comes in and anchors nearby. They have the same idea as us, as they start running people ashore. Soon this remote Island is well populated. Mizzen watch are back onboard and having been for a climb to the T’gallants start to feel the heat of the afternoon sun, so the salt water hose is run out and used as a cooling off appliance. The wind picks up in the afternoon making the boat runs a little trickier in the swell which slows down our transportation time. Everyone is back onboard by 1700 but ideally we had been hoping to get underway by 1500. The Foremast is on watch and so have the pleasure of heaving up the anchor. Because the schedule is all a little behind the mainmast have limited time to eat their dinner before due back on deck and manage to rush down two courses in 10 minutes. Bianca, who is on galley duties appears on deck with three large bin bags of rubbish and realises that there is not a whole lot of space left in the bin barrels, so enthusiastically climbs into the barrel and persistently jumps in the bin to create more space.

The sunsets behind Coronation Island as we slowly proceed out of the Bay. For now, we are under engine alone due to the wind direction and the course that we want to steer. At 2000 the Mizzen mast set the Fore topmast staysail and the Main topmast staysail but it still isn’t enough drive to finish with the engines so we carry on motor sailing. At 2315 the Mizzenmast then continues to set the Fore topsail and the Fore course and then the engines are finished with as we gently sail along.

Having a chat on deck

The morning brings a bright clear morning and the Mainmast have a busy watch of setting four more sails and also stowing all of the anchor cable with Alison and David doing a fantastic job in the anchor hold.

Today brings another Birthday for the professional crew, our 3rd officer Nick. Now back in Townsville Nick created a game one night, called the wheel of misfortune, so we decide to create our own wheel of misfortune for Nick to endure on his Birthday. He is to spin the wheel every half hour which will be rang by one of the crew members on the ships bell every
half an hour.

All’s well.

Sea Snake passing by

Endeavour Crew

The replica of Captain Cook's tall ship HMB Endeavour is managed by the Australian National Maritime Museum. Endeavour regularly sails in Australian waters and we keep a ship's blog to give you an insight into life on board.