Crossing into Western Australia

Latitude; 13°30.3’S

Longitude; 127°24.6’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 118NM

Average speed; 4.9KN

There is an announcement made at 1345 that we are only 3 Nautical Miles from crossing the border, from the Northern Territories into Western Australia and for the professional crew to don the appropriate attire. Then briefly after there is a further announcement for all hands on deck in harnesses, for one reason or another we are not yet ready to cross over the border. Apparently this is due to the belief that we are carrying something that would be deemed as contraband. Everyone is asked to go to their bracing stations and standby. Another call is then made for the ’plant,’ aka Brian to be brought on deck where the Captain has requested for him to be thrown into the vast sea to be disposed of. Since this voyage has begun Brian has become close to several of the crew’s hearts, hence being named ‘Brian the happy plant’. We tried to trick Captain Ross, by fooling him with a bunch of lettuce leaves taped together; unfortunately he was cleverer than that.

We left the Captain no choice but to wear ship, so that we don’t cross the borders. He again requested that Brian is brought up on deck. Now it is time for us to discuss our terms and conditions with the captain. Suitable arrangements are put in place and we bring Brian to the quarter deck. Then it is time to wear ship again and cross into the borders of Western
Australia. It is not long before we are over the border and celebrating, with Brian for now….

Save Brian from impending doom

There is only a brief maintenance period after all the sail, handling and so it is time for a bit more work on the deck pitch to try and prevent any leaks through the deck.

The wind dies down in the evening and the sea is almost instantly flat again, it is amazing how quickly the wind comes and goes. We are forecast further wind in the morning and so for the evening we will sail along patiently.

We wake to fresh winds and fair swells and sailing along handsomely at 7 – 8knots.

All’s well.

Larry taking in the sailing

Endeavour Crew

The replica of Captain Cook's tall ship HMB Endeavour is managed by the Australian National Maritime Museum. Endeavour regularly sails in Australian waters and we keep a ship's blog to give you an insight into life on board.