Endeavour sailing 6.5 knots past Haymen Island

Latitude; 19°14.1’S

Longitude; 147°34.9’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 133.6 NM

Average speed; 5.5KN

After a wet and soggy game of cricket we start the boat runs back to the ship. We start to heave up the anchor before lunch. The original plan was to sail off the anchor again, but a squall comes overhead and so the wind dies down.

Just as we are finishing lunch there is an all hands call to proceed on deck to set some sail. It takes everyone a while to get up there, as they put on their wet weather gear. The usual smiling faces are replaced by sullen faces due to the weather. Fortunately it is just a squall which eventually passes and then the wind is back at 15 knots South Westerly.

Although tropical Islands are at the most appealing with blue skies and sunshine, these Islands have a lot of deep green vegetation and shrubbery and also appear quite mountainous. The low clouds are hugging the hillsides and creating a wispy cloak, leaving us oblivious to how high the hills might be. Just as we are sailing past Haymen Island Endeavour reaches 7 knots by sail in seas at less than half a meter swells which is extremely unusual. This is too good of opportunity not to get out and photograph her sailing past the headlands.

By the morning the wind has died down a little but we are still making very good speed. The weather is still overcast but everyone is enjoying the sailing too much to really care about the drizzle.

Today it is Swedish day and we wake up with Victoria greeting us in her national tongue (not quite sure what she says). It is then followed by some music by the most famous Swedish band, Abba. Even the chefs are showing their softer sides, with a bit of jibing to Abba in the galley.

At midmorning we wear ship as we are ahead of schedule due to our average speed over the last 24 hrs, so we wear ship as currently we are ahead of schedule. We plan to be arriving at Magnetic Island tomorrow morning.

All’s Well.

Endeavour Crew

The replica of Captain Cook's tall ship HMB Endeavour is managed by the Australian National Maritime Museum. Endeavour regularly sails in Australian waters and we keep a ship's blog to give you an insight into life on board.