Lourdes Hill College

So the day of our departure has arrived. All the new crew are all checked in this morning by 0830 eager, keen, clean and ready for our departure at 1000. We left the pontoon with many spectators coming to bid farewell. The canon was fired to show our regards, gratuity and to make sure everyone was aware that we are leaving Brisbane. Our second canon, which we were saving to fire once we had got under the Gateway Bridge, was fired prematurely. As we approached Lourdes Hill College we had a huge cheer and wave from all the pupils and so we thought it only right that we show our gratefulness. I think that there was more noise from the screams of the pupils than the actual canon fire! Although there is much happening on deck there does seem to be a certain quietness in the air which has us all puzzled, until we realise that it is because Darbey has lost his voice.

It isn't long before the new crew are hauling away

The river is a big source of transport with the passenger fast cats constantly travelling up and down and across the narrow river, so navigation and careful manoeuvring is paramount to make sure there are no risks of collision. Once out of the river we have got fantastic views of the Glass House Mountains and the Sunshine coast. The deck is very busy with the safety procedures, demonstrations of line handling and also with the raising on the T’Gallant yard and mast. We lowered the T’Gallants of the Fore and Main mast yesterday to enable us sufficient clearanceunder the Storey Bridge and once we had passed the bridge it was time to raise them back up.

We will be anchoring of North Stradbroke Island tonight and the afternoon will be busy with more training and climbing aloft.

All’s well.

The first canon fired today just as we left the pontoonIt isn't long before the new crew are hauling away