Visiting Vessels

Visiting vessels at the Australian National Maritime Museum.
As well as our permanent fleet, the museum hosts a selection of visiting vessels throughout the year.

Visitors can see unique vessels from around the world, including historic sailing yachts, unique motorboats, scientific research vessels and innovative watercraft, such as long-distance rowing boats.

Explore the vessels, learn the stories behind their adventures at sea and enjoy unique on-water experiences.













We’re always on the lookout for vessels to visit the museum

Do you have an historic vessel you would like to berth at the museum? Are you a research vessel temporarily visiting Australian waters?

The museum has hosted several significant vessels in the past and we are always looking for new vessels to host. Our visitors love to have the opportunity to see, tour and experience unique and different vessels.

To submit a request to be a visiting vessel at the museum, please fill out our Visiting Vessels Application Form (PDF) Email it to us and we will get back to you.




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