Map It!

27 Mar - 11 Jul 2021


Complete a quest across land, sea and space to explore the role of mapping and navigation in everyday life.

Hands on fun for curious kids! 

This hands on exploration of mapping and navigation includes special 'quest' stations where you'll solve puzzles to collect different layers of your very own map, which can be brought to life through augmented reality. 

In Map it! You'll use different methods of navigation to find your way through shipwrecks, escape a virtual building, and pilot a simulated underwater exploration vehicle. You can take on the challenge of a giant game of Battleships using coordinates, or operate a sonar scanner to map yourself and your friends. 

By tracking the movements of a spilled cargo container or rubber ducks, you will even be able to explore patterns in global ocean currents through real-life computer modelling. 

Using the oldest navigational techniques known to humankind, you will learn to use the stars to find your way across both land and ocean, just as our ancestors did thousands of years ago. 

This family exhibition, featuring cutting edge technologies and STEM experiences has been developed to engage children aged between 5 - 12 years.



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