Tour & Talk of Sea Shepherd's ship AllanKay


Join us a special tour of conservation group Sea Shepherd's new vessel the AllanKay and hear from the crew about the work it will undertake.

After a successful Antarctic Defence Campaign, Sea Shepherd's ship Allankay returns to Australia.

Join us for a special Members talk and tour of the vessel, berthed alongside Wharf 7.

This is your chance to hop aboard one of Sea Shepherd's legendary ships, meet the dedicated crew and discover the inner workings of the ship.

This event will start with an exclusive talk from special guest speakers Captain Peter Hammarstedt, Sea Shepherd's Global Director of Campaigns, and captain of the AllanKay, and Jeff Hansen, Sea Shepherd Australia's Managing Director.

Following the talk, the ships crew will conduct a special tour of the ship.

This event is limited to 50 people.