Science Says! 2026

Science Says!

Science Says! is science as you’ve never seen it before, and with a lot more laughter!

Science Says! is science as you’ve never seen it before, and with a lot more laughter!

Join us as brilliant scientists, gifted comedians and talented communicators use their wits and wittiness to uncover the top scientific discoveries of 2018 – and a few of the odder ones, too!

It’s an afternoon in the style of the great panel shows – think mixing Mock the Week, Spicks and Specks, and just a dash of QI. Last years’ shows saw physicists miming sticky saliva, professors donning hard hats, and biologists serenading the audience – all in the name science!

Hosted once again by Dr Joel – scientist, comedian and co-host of Food Lab on SBS – you’ll be guaranteed an afternoon of entertainment, competition and comedy – and education, too! So secure your tickets early and join us in November to find out what Science Says!

Competing in Sydney for all the glory science has to offer is:
* Marine biologist, fish sex researcher and underwater explorer, Professor Bill Gladstone
* Science communicator and feared eater of Jaffa Cakes, Ketan Joshi
* Biologist, maritime archaeologist and weekend Viking, Renee Malliaros
* Biologist, BAHFest winner and adequately-passable rock-climber Dr Leigh Nicholson
* Environmental biologist and plant whisperer Dr Megan Phillips
* Skeletal muscle metabolism scientist, Dr Kate Quinlan. 


Science Says panel for Sydney


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