Ships that Shaped the World Vasa Credit Stephen Gapps

Maritime Series - The Ships That Shaped The World

Hear the details of the catastrophic battle at point blank range, and the spectacular end to a 67 year mystery.

Take a journey through history and sail on the ships that shaped the world.

Discover naval survivors

In the world of maritime museums, we see and share vessels from multiple ages of history. Thanks to the work of highly skilled archaeologists, technicians and historians, a small number of the naval vessels that have explored the seas and projected maritime power across the globe are preserved for us today. 

A world tour of great museum ships

In this talk, ANMM Assistant Director of Public Engagement and Research Michael Harvey, takes a “world tour” of great museum ships and explores their heritage, significance and the visitor experience they offer.

In museums, every object tells a story, and stories abound for these unique survivors. From Viking ships, to three-masters, to dreadnoughts to submarines, they are dramatic and evocative symbols of pride, prestige, power and even of hubris and tragedy.

About Michael Harvey

Michael Harvey

Assistant Director, Public Engagement, Research and Collections
Michael has worked in the fields of museums and science communication for 20 years. Prior to taking up his current role at the Maritime Museum, Michael worked as Head of Exhibitions at the Australian Museum and at the Natural History Museum in London.

Michael has also travelled around Australia as a member and a coordinator of the Shell Questacon Science Circus, and has taught at the universities of Leicester and Sydney.

Image Credits: The Vasa at the Vasa Museum, Stockholm, Dr Stephen Gapps.