Our place is unique and special. It forms our identity and provides a sense of belonging. We are a society that is formed from diverse cultures and heritage and we share a future that contains respect and understanding. Celebrate our cultures and the connections we have with each other and our place through the food we eat.

Key inquiry question:
How can we share culture through food?

Like the meal itself food brings people together. Sharing stories about food, the ways it is grown, recipes and the celebrations around eating can be one way to enhance cultural understanding and awareness. 

Students brainstorm the different ways people grow, make, prepare and share food.
Share ingredients and recipes from home, conduct research into traditional foods and invite the school’s garden or environmental group to discuss the food they grow in the gardens. 

Investigate the shared experience people have with bread.
Research different breads at Planting Seeds by Food Faith Baking Bread and how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples were the world’s first bakers in Chapter 4: Grains and bread on the ABC Digibook Bruce Pascoe: Aboriginal agriculture, technology and ingenuity.

Develop ideas for sharing culture though food.
Ideas may include the creation of a vegetable or reconciliation garden, a recipe book, cooking classes or an event to celebrate traditional foods.

Investigate the journey our food takes from seed to the end of our meal.
How can we incorporate sustainability into the ways we grow, prepare and consume our food? 

Put your ideas into action.

Main image: Elliot Maynard with muttonbirds around his neck, © Ricky Maynard/Licenced by Copyright Agency, 2019. ANMM Collection 00018063