Engage with the aims of Encounters 2020. Share the learning intentions of the module and use this first activity to assess prior knowledge. 

See Think Wonder - Use the zoom function on our Google Arts and Culture page to closely examine the Endeavour, the tall ship you will explore on the day of your excursion. Use the 'see think wonder' routine to describe what you see and infer what is happening. Invite students to consider the following questions.

What do you see? 
- What do you notice first?
- What details can you observe?
- What background features do you notice?

What do you think?
- Do you think this image is from the past or the present? What makes you say that? 
- What do you think is happening on board; where are they going and what do you think they are doing?
- Do you think they are exploring?

What do you wonder about?
- What would you like to find out? 
- How will you find out?