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Some of these activities are recommended for before your visit, some are general and can be done anytime, and some can be used as a follow up to your visit. Please scroll for a list of downloadable pdf activity sheets.

Before your visit
To Consider: What is immigration?
Brainstorm: Why do people immigrate? What are some of the reasons people leave their homes to live somewhere else?

The 'push and pull' factors of migration
What makes a person want to leave their country of birth and move to another country? This is usually linked to social, economic, political or environmental reasons.

Social: moving somewhere for a better quality of life or to be closer to family or friends.
Economic: moving for better employment opportunities, 
Political: moving to escape political persecution or war
Environmental: moving to escape disasters such as famine, flood 

'Push factors' are the reasons that people might migrate from their country:

- Survival fear
- War
- Desire to live in peace or in a safe environment 
- High crime rates
- Freedom to practice religion
- Freedom of speech
- Right to vote
- Lack of employment opportunities,
- Basic needs food, shelter clothing.
- Humanitarian disasters, famine, drought, floods.

'Pull factors' are reason choose to migrate to another country:
- Political stability 
- Laws to protect rights of people (anti-discrimination)
- Peace
- Low crime rate
- Services (education health)
- Climate
- Employment opportunities wealth 
- Lower risk from natural disasters
- People (welcoming culture)/ family friends

Activity Sheets

Empathy Exercise
Museum Memories - General Activities
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Documents & Dialogue - Post-Federation
Stories & Suitcases - Pre-Federation

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