Craft-Make-Create Activity Kit

More than five hours of creative screen-free entertainment!

From spectacular paper ships to backyard treasure hunts, shadow-puppets and macro photography tutorials – there's something for every young explorer. 

Designed for kids aged 6–12, our Craft Make Create Kit can be used as an accompaniment to at-home learning or for hands-on creative fun any day! 

The kit contains:

  • Five activity kits for making paper model boats, snow domes, clay critters, sea monster puppets, wild hats and periscopes
  • Outdoor explorer's pack including an A5 explorer's journal, five assorted Wildlife Photographer of the Year postcards, pen, pencil, pirates' sharpener, compass/torch keyring, knot-tying kit, temporary tattoo and four outdoor activity challenges
  • Scissors, glue and sticky tape
  • Instructions for all activities and a link to video tutorials

These limited edition kits are available online now via the Museum Store. 

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Instructions for Kits

Got a Craft Make Create Kit and looking for some help putting it together? Here are some quick videos and links to all the instructions for you. 

We'd love to see your creations! Share with us via social by tagging or email your photos to

Create your own dream boat

Explore the museum's fleet of vessels as inspiration for your model boat. This paper template is specially designed to create more than five varieties of boat models – including a battleship, tall ship, yacht, steamboat, tugboat, canoe – the possibilities are endless!

Download Instructions


Make a super-spy periscope

Explore the museum's submarine HMAS Onslow as inspiration for your periscope. This paper template makes one super-spy periscope which can be decorated in stealth camouflage or wild fluoro tones. Now you can spy around corners, over fences, and other obstacles. Remember this periscope is paper-based so it won't survive underwater. 

Download Instructions



Make a sea monster puppet

Watch an online tour of our travelling exhibition Sea Monsters: Prehistoric Ocean Predators as inspiration for your own puppet. This paper template makes three prehistoric marine reptile puppets – including a Plesiosaur, Mosasaur and Icthyosaur – or you can mix-and-match to create your very own fictional mesozoic monster! 

Download Instructions

Make a clay sea critter creation

Polymer clay can be rolled into all sorts of shapes and forms – from a deep-sea angler fish to a sneaky shark. Once you've finished making your creature, you might want to keep the clay fun going by making a clay animation or a diorama. 

Download Instructions

Make a polar palooza snow dome

Be inspired by our collection and explore beautiful historic photos of Antarctica by Herbert Pointing. Easy-peasy and oh so sparkly, this kit makes a simple Antarctic animal-inspired snowglobe. You might want to add a background or some extra figurines to make your snow globe more unique. 

Download Instructions


Make a wild hat or mask

A feathery fabulous collage creation, a ferocious shark, or a cute as can be crab – the wild hat/mask can feature any of your favourite wild prints, patterns and animals. This kit also includes supplies for crafting your own custom-made foam stamp. 

Download Instructions


More activities for outdoor explorers

Up your seamanship skills by learning to tie six types of knots, explore the outdoors through the lens with some macro photography, try your hand at scientific sketching, or unleash your inner geographer with map-making and orienteering challenges. 

Download Instructions

Backyard activities included in the Australian National Maritime Museum's Craft Make Create Kit