Interested in ocean and climate science? The deep sea? You won't want to miss this unique opportunity!

Eighty-two metre long Research Vessel Falkor is coming to Sydney to kick off its 2020 Australian scientific expeditions. Open to the public at the Maritime Museum for TWO DAYS ONLY, this is a unique chance to climb on board an international research vessel, see a fascinating working ROV, meet the crew and explore modern ocean science in action! 

Tours of the vessel will be running every 10 minutes between 10am–5pm (last tour starts at 4.10pm) on Jan 8 & Jan 9. To sign up, please inquire at the front desk with our Front of House team.

RV Falkor in Hawaii. Image: Schmidt Ocean Institute

RV Falkor in Hawaii. Image: Schmidt Ocean Institute

Throughout 2020, Schmidt Ocean Institute R/V Falkor and its 4,500 m rated ROV SuBastian will conduct deep-sea exploration of submarine canyons and coral ecosystems on all four sides of the Australian continent.

RV Falkor journey
RV Falkor's projected journey around Australia. Image: Schmidt Ocean Institute

About Schmidt Ocean Institute
Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) was created by Eric and Wendy Schmidt in 2009 to enable research that expands understanding of the world’s ocean using advanced technology, intelligent observation, and the open sharing of information. The organisation invites select scientific teams annually from around the world to carry out collaborative oceanographic research and technology development aboard its 83m research vessel, Falkor

RV Falkor's ROV, SuBastian
RV Falkor's ROV, SuBastian. Image: Schmidt Ocean Institute

The data collected has important implications for the sustainability of these ecosystems, as well as similar habitats worldwide, providing much-needed deep-water data key to accurately modeling and predicting ocean-climate dynamics in a warming world with increasing carbon dioxide concentrations.

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