MV KRAIT, 1989. Photographer Victoria Fernandez (ANMM)

Operation Jaywick

This year is the 75th anniversary of the daring raid.

On the night of 26 September 1943, Australian and British Z Special Unit commandos paddled folding kayaks into Japanese-occupied Singapore Harbour, blowing up and severely damaging seven ships.

They had been deployed from a confiscated Japanese fishing boat (re-named Krait after a deadly snake) that had threaded its way undercover from Exmouth to Singapore.

The men made it back to Krait unscathed but many Singaporeans like Mrs Elizabeth Choy were not so lucky. Arrested in the aftermath by the Japanese secret police in the notorious ‘Double Tenth Incident’, Mrs Choy was jailed and tortured over 200 days on suspicion of collaborating on Operation Jaywick.

This year is the 75 anniversary of that daring raid. To commemorate the event, museum fleet staff and curators have returned Krait to its WW2 configuration. The museum is also joining forces with the National Museum of Singapore to produce a wide-screen film about Operation Jaywick and a virtual reality experience that will take people ‘on board’ the historic vessel.

Explore a detailed new diorama of the night of the commando raid and a small exhibition that highlights key moments of the operation now at Action Stations.

Visit the Krait in person at the museum