What to expect? 

When you join a voyage on HMB Endeavour you'll be signed on as a member of the ‘voyage crew’ or as a ‘supernumerary’.

If you join as a 'member of the voyage crew' you are not joining as a passenger, but as an active and important member of the crew that's required to sail the ship, in all conditions, for 24 hours of every day the ship is at sea. Those voyaging as a 'supernumerary' can choose their level of participation - including relaxing in their cabin! 

It will take time to adjust to life at sea.

As a consequence, many find that the first few days on board are very challenging. You'll find that there's a large amount of information to be absorbed and skills to be learned regarding the ship, how it's sailed, and safety measures. You'll be learning something new every day.

There may be times where you'll be given an abrupt order requiring you to act quickly.  This will be to ensure the safety of the ship and all on board. You are not embarking  as a passenger on a pleasure cruise when you join the HMB Endeavour.

"What I liked most about sailing on Endeavour was the total change/experience from your normal comfort zone as you voyage/work/live 18th-century style but with some 21st-century features (bathrooms & food to mention a few.)"

- recent crew member
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Please note that while every effort is made to follow voyage plans, the decision to proceed with the program remains with the Master and depends on the weather.

If you haven't yet been on board the HMB Endeavour, you're encouraged to visit the ship when it's berthed at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney (or other port), to familiarise yourself with the ship. If unable to visit the vessel in person, it's recommended you take the self-guided virtual tour.

For more information, contact the Endeavour Voyaging Office on 02 8241 8323 or HMBEndeavour@sea.museum

No sailing experience or special physical preparation is necessary for a voyage on Endeavour. Provided you're in good health, well rested and approach the experience with an open mind you'll enjoy yourself.

  • aged 18 years or over
  • physically fit and able to be a member of the sailing crew 
  • willing and able to climb up to 39m
  • able to swim 50m fully clothed
  • meet the medical criteria of the voyage
  • agree to the code of conduct / terms and conditions of the voyage

Voyage Crew
Voyage crew are amateur sailors who join to learn 18th-century sailing skills. Just like Cook's crew, haul lines, set or furl the sails, stand watches and steer the ship - all under the supervision of Endeavour's professional crew. Although previous sailing experience is not essential, voyage crew are required to commit to a rotating watch roster, be physically fit and not suffer chronic seasickness. While it's desirable that voyage crew can climb aloft (39 metres in a harness in any weather condition) to handle the sails, this not a mandatory function. Should voyage crew feel uncomfortable climbing, they will simply be allocated alternate roles. A full complement of voyage crew is 36 people.

Voyage Crew sleep arrangements 
Voyage crew sleep in hammocks in the communal 18th-century mess deck. Voyage crew provide their own sleeping bag, while the ship supplies the hammock. You will be allocated a watch number and there is a hammock berth that corresponds with this. You will be required to sling your hammock in this space. Pay attention to your knots!

Supernumerary berths are for people who prefer not to undertake all the sailing activities on board, or who may not meet all the physical requirements, such as going aloft. Supernumeraries are allocated a single cabin in the after fall and can choose their own level of involvement, but are encouraged to take part in sailing the ship where possible. A full complement of supernumeraries is 4 people.

Supernumerary sleep arrangements 
Supernumeraries are allocated a single cabin in the after fall. These cabins are the same as the gentlemen scientists were allocated on the original Endeavour. Depending on the cabin, there is either a fixed bunk or a swinging cot. All linen is provided by Endeavour. Supernumeraries are able to store their belongings in their cabin.

Please note: While on board you won’t be required to perform any duty or task which, due to lack of training, physical fitness, fatigue or seasickness you feel may be putting your health or safety at risk.

The first few days of the voyage may cause seasickness. We recommend you consult your medical practitioner or pharmacist for advice on which medication is best for you well before the voyage begins.

Expect disrupted sleep due to working a rotating watch system and the 18th-century sleeping arrangements on board. You'll be sleeping in a hammock, in very close company with other crew members, in a ship that's constantly on the move. Adjusting to this disruption may cause physical and mental fatigue.

To help you with training, fatigue, seasickness or anything else you might need help with while on board, you'll be assigned a leader who'll be able to assist you. Additionally, there is a daily meeting of professional crew where any particular issues with voyage crew or supernumeraries can be raised and a personalised response developed for you.

HMB Endeavour operates around the Australian coast and at times international waters and may sometimes be away from immediate medical support (note - the ship’s crew are fully trained in marine first aid). The voyage programme can at times be mentally and physically demanding with activities including sailing and climbing and at time in adverse weather conditions. The sleeping and living quarters are cramped and as voyaging crew you will need to take part in the night watch roster.

Please consider if any of the following conditions apply to you, before proceeding with your booking.

  • Heart condition
  • Epilepsy
  • Physical impediment
  • Experience of mental and emotional distress

A Medical Clearance Form will be sent to your email after we receive you have filled in our Expression of Interest online form. You will need to have the Medical Clearance Form completed by a registered doctor in your country of residence and email it back to the Endeavour Voyaging Team who will then review your application. An offer will be made if we are satisfied that you are fit and able to undertake the voyage.

For your safety, any information specified within your Medical Clearance form will be passed on to the Captain, Watch Leaders as well as Chief and Medical Officers.

At the time of application you will need to pay a $500.00 deposit. Full (non- refundable) payment for your voyage will be required within four weeks of receiving your deposit. If your application is not succesful we will refund your deposit. It is also compulsory for you to take out full travel insurance when booking a voyage.