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HMB Endeavour is a fully functioning, seagoing ship and you can sail her as either Voyage Crew or as a Supernumerary. Not sure which option is for you? We've provided a breakdown of each to help you decide.

Voyage Crew

Voyage crew are amateur sailors who join to learn 18th-century sailing skills. Just like Cook's crew, you'll haul lines, set or furl the sails, stand watches and steer the ship all under the supervision of Endeavour's professional crew. Although previous sailing experience is not essential, voyage crew are required to commit to a rotating watch roster, be physically fit and not suffer chronic seasickness. While it's desirable that voyage crew can climb aloft (39 metres in a harness in any weather condition) to handle the sails, this not a mandatory function. Should voyage crew feel uncomfortable climbing, they will simply be allocated alternate roles. A full complement of voyage crew is 36 people.

Voyage Crew sleep arrangements 
Voyage crew sleep in hammocks in the communal 18th-century mess deck. Voyage crew provide their own sleeping bag, while the ship supplies the hammock. You will be allocated a watch number and there is a hammock berth that corresponds with this. You will be required to sling your hammock in this space. Pay attention to your knots!


Supernumerary berths are for people who prefer not to undertake all the sailing activities on board, or who may not meet all the physical requirements, such as going aloft. Supernumeraries are allocated a single cabin in the after fall and can choose their own level of involvement, but are encouraged to take part in sailing the ship where possible. A full complement of supernumeraries is 4 people.

Supernumerary sleep arrangements 
Supernumeraries are allocated a single cabin in the after fall. These cabins are the same ones that were allocated to the gentlemen scientists on the original Endeavour. Depending on the cabin, there is either a fixed bunk or a swinging cot. All linen is provided by Endeavour. Supernumeraries are able to store their belongings in their cabin.

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