Australia’s Ocean Odyssey

26 Dec - 30 Jan 2022
Please note the cinema is closed until further notice.
A Journey Down the East Australian Current

Relax in the museum’s theatre and take in stories of the sea. 

Hidden in our oceans are great rivers of seawater called ocean currents. These are the arteries and veins of planet Earth - a life support system that has helped regulate the Earth’s climate, atmosphere and biological diversity for millions of years. 

This is the story of the East Australian Current. It flows from the Great Barrier Reef to Tasmania, bringing warm tropical waters to cold southern seas, and in doing so it transforms the lives of everything in the region. 

Journey with migrating humpback whales as they travel the length of this marine river and explore the incredible diversity of Australia’s submarine ecosystems. From the corals of the Great Barrier Reef, through the kelp gardens of the New South Wales coast, right down to the Southern Ocean, Australia’s Ocean Odyssey reveals how ocean currents create life on our planet, and what we can all do to protect our planet’s blue heart.

Reproduced by permission of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation – Library Sales. 

© 2020 Wild Pacific Media, Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Create NSW. 

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