Wet Weather Alert

If extreme wet weather hits, we close all vessels for visitor safety. If it's looking like a rainy day, check with our friendly staff or call ahead on (02) 9298 3777. There's still lots of amazing things to enjoy inside the museum though, so don't let rain stop you from visiting! 

Hot Weather Alert:

For visitor safety, when the temperature reaches 36° Celsius we close all vessels. If it looks like a it's going to be a hot day, come early and see the vessels first. Check with our friendly staff if you're unsure. Never fear though - our 3D cinema is air conditioned, so escape the heat and enjoy a film!

Yots cafe 

Yots cafe will be closed on Friday 21st December for a private event. Note - the boardwalk area will still be available as a public thoroughfare.

Vessels Sailing / Away Dates

James Craig

  • Friday 25 January – Monday 25 February 2019

HMB Endeavour

  • Voyaging to Hobart: closed from 23 January - 24 February 2019
  • Re-opening: 28 March 2019
  • Closed for dry-dock maintenance 7 - 31 March 2019

 SY Ena

  • Away for dry-dock maintenance 3 December - mid February 2019