Take a trip back in time and explore the scientific underpinnings of 18th-century sailing with our diverse Endeavour learning resources.

Above deck, below deck, or up high on the masts, our replica HMB Endeavour tall ship is treasure trove of fascinating information. The original Endeavour was a British research vessel that was captained by Lieutenant James Cook for his famous world voyage from 1768-71, eventually coming to land at Botany Bay.

You can delve into the scientific and historical significance of this ship regardless of where you live with our free resources.

  • Take a free, curriculum-led, virtual tour of the HMB Endeavour. Using 360 images and video, your virtual host will guide your students through the historical context of James Cook’s scientific voyage.
  • Journey across the globe in interactive online game The Voyage - make decisions, solve problems and deal with conflicts on a perilous journey.
  • Come aboard the Australian-built replica of James Cook's HMB Endeavour and other unique vessels for an unforgettable school excursion.
  • Further your learning with our downloadable teacher resources, from fact sheets to helpful literature packs.
  • Check to see if Endeavour will be stopping at port near you on one of the upcoming voyages.