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Crossing the Bridge

13 Nov 2013

The Sydney Harbour Bridge.  It’s one of Sydney’s most famous examples of civil engineering heritage, and a major feature of the Harbour’s maritime landscape. Thousands of commuters use it each day passing under the span by ferry or across the top by car, bus, train, and bicycle or on foot.

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Drebbel's submarine

07 Nov 2013

Inventor of the first navigable submarine, Cornelius Drebbel died 7 November 1633. Drebbel was born in the Netherlands in 1572 and while working with the English Royal Navy, became well known for his work in chemistry, optics, measurement and even dabbled in the dye industry.

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Horses by sea

05 Nov 2013

After winning the 1931 Melbourne Cup, the famous horse Phar Lap, was transported to the United States by ship to compete in the Agua Caliente Handicap in Mexico.

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Before the mast… before the boom

29 Oct 2013

Think of Western Australia and red earth, big skies and endless, timeless landscapes come to mind. That and the monumentalism of the mining boom, its huge trucks, open cut mines and mind boggling economics.

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Espionage and paranoia: The Sea Devil tours Australia

25 Oct 2013

In 1938, on an uninhabited island somewhere between America and New Zealand, a German nobleman anchored his schooner. He had a mission. Twenty-one years previously, he’d buried treasure, or as he told the American press, ‘a chest with gold and German banknotes’.

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