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Nicole and Penny

Nicole Cama and Penny Edwell (the artist formerly known as Penny Hyde) work as Digital Curators at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour, Sydney. We blog about events, people and most importantly - the museum's collection. We hope to open up the museum's collection to virtual visitors, blow off the dust and reveal some of the wonderful objects and stories held in the archives and storage rooms of the museum.

Operation Rimau, the tragic sequel to the success of MV Krait

09 Mar 2012

At the wharves of the Australian National Maritime Museum sits a small unassuming Japanese fishing vessel. Next to the destroyer HMAS Vampire and the submarine HMAS Onslow, the craft looks even less impressive. However it certainly deserves its place as a historic vessel, as a symbol of one of Australia’s most daring wartime undercover operations and as a reminder of an ill-fated and tragic sequel.

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Object of the Week: ‘Your Country Needs You’

02 Mar 2012

The famous image of ‘Rosie the Riveter’ has been imprinted onto our minds, arm muscles exposed with the words ‘We Can do it!’ emblazoned above her. Since her first appearance in 1943, she has morphed into a symbol for the feminist movement.

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Object of the Week: The mystery of the murderess Jane Cardonell

24 Feb 2012

This broadsheet newsprint tells the tragic tale of a convict’s wife who was sent to the Bedlam asylum in London after murdering a crew member of the shipwrecked vessel Flora. The ship was wrecked in 1832 en route from Australia, however the truth at the heart of this tale of murder and madness is a little harder to find…

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Object of the Week

10 Feb 2012

This cabin bed would have been used by a well-to-do passenger travelling to Australia during the 19th century. Many wealthy passengers would supply their own furniture for the journey and fit out their own cabin.

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Object of the Week

05 Jan 2012

This white machine-made Valenciennes lace camisole (00046672) was made in the early 1900s and brought to Australia in 1938-39 by the Strauss family, Jewish migrants fleeing Nazi Germany.

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RAN Wessex helicopter, Navy Gallery ANMM.

Object of the week

15 Dec 2011

As a tribute to the last flight of the Royal Australian Navy Sea King helicopters today, we’ve chosen the Westland Wessex helicopter as our Object of the Week.

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