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Make your own marine creatures

24 Nov 2014

Since September 2014, museum staff and visitors have been working with Ghost Nets Australia to create a large coral bombora (or ‘bommie’) sculpture out of ghost nets and marine debris.

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Creating art from ghost nets

17 Nov 2014

When I first heard about Ghost Nets Australia and its work collecting discarded marine and fishing waste and human-made debris, I was intrigued. As I learnt more about the organisation’s inspiring, creative and innovative environmental projects, I began to appreciate the deeper complexity and change-making effect of their work.

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Why save whales?

30 Oct 2014

Discover the pivotal role whales play in our ocean ecosystems, as well as the dangers that threaten their survival.

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Nawi canoe building workshop

07 Mar 2014

Wednesday 26 February found the Australian National Maritime Museum’s Nawi canoe builders sharing their skills and knowledge with a group of young Koori boys at the Lawrence Hargrave School in Warwick Farm.

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HMAS Voyager – tragedy and courage

10 Feb 2014

Manoeuvring ships at sea is an exacting task, one that requires skill, experience and concentration and undertaking such exercises in night time conditions adds to the risk. Fifty years ago, on the night of 10 February 1964 one such exercise went horribly wrong.

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