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Myffanwy Bryant

Myffanwy is a Curatorial Assistant at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Goodwill to all

25 Dec 2017

As the year crawls to its inevitable end and we turn our thoughts to Christmas, it is important to keep things in perspective as the trials of the season also begin to appear. Usually, these occur doing the early stages of Christmas travel.

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Sea Bird: A ghost ship story to shiver yer timbers

31 Oct 2017

One of the upsides of the eerie Halloween season is that you can let yourself dwell on the macabre. Even if the rest of the year you envision yourself as a hard-nosed cynic, on Halloween you are allowed to drop your scepticism and ponder the impossible ‘What if…?’

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Sailing with the Captain on Father's Day

03 Sep 2017

This Father’s Day there will no doubt many a father choosing to spend the day on the water. Perhaps on the family boat for a sail around the quiet waters of home, pull in for a bbq at some bay and feel the sense of peace and gratitude that sailing in Australia can bring.

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Soundtrack to the sea

24 Aug 2017

It is so easy for us today to access music anytime, anywhere and in any style that it is difficult to imagine that music was still influential in people’s lives prior to radio, stereo, and records.

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Ken Warby and life lessons

30 Dec 2016

For years Ken Warby went his own way, building an 8.2-metre boat in his backyard with a J34 Westinghouse jet engine to top it off. His neighbours and wife must have despaired.

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Sir Oswald Brierly: A man for all occasions

20 Sep 2016

Oswald Brierly is probably known to most Australians for the whaling scenes he painted while at Twofold Bay, near Eden in New South Wales, which perfectly captured the drama and danger of the whaling at that time.

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