Dogs and Cats all at sea, Australian National Maritime Museum

It’s raining cats and dogs at the Australian National Maritime Museum this summer as Bailey, the museum’s canine employee who chases away seagulls, curates his very own exhibition of photographs featuring some of his furry friends – and frenemies!

Pawing through the museum’s Seafaring Pets collection by Sam Hood, Bailey has picked out his favourite photos of dogs and other animals – as well as the dreaded cats - living and working on board ships between 1900 and the 1950s. But seagulls are strictly banned! He also adds his own commentary on the images in hilarious doggy observations.

Prolific Sydney photographer, Sam Hood had a particular interest in recording the shipping that passed through our harbour. As well as making photographic portraits of the vessels, he boarded countless ships and took hundreds of photographs of crew members. His Seafaring Pets collection demonstrates the strong attachment that people at sea, who are often away from family for long periods of time, have with on board pets.

Bailey Haggarty, Assistant Director for Seagulls joined the museum in June to help keep the seagulls that mess up the wharves and heritage vessels under control. The three-year-old Border Collie came from Australian Working Dogs Rescue and is delighted with his new home and job, patrolling the museum and chasing the birds.

Since arriving at the museum he’s not only been incredibly successful in his job, keeping his domain spick and span, but he’s also been a big hit with staff who take time out of their busy days to take him for walks and have a play. 

He’s also become a bit of a celebrity, writing his own blog, making several TV appearances and featuring on numerous international websites from Japan to the USA and Italy. You can read more about Bailey at or on the museum’s Facebook page. 

Bailey’s intimate Dogs and Cats all at sea exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum is open now and is included in the museum’s Galleries ticket which is FREE.   

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