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Myffanwy Bryant

Myffanwy is a Curatorial Assistant at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Ken Warby and life lessons

30 Dec 2016

For years Ken Warby went his own way, building an 8.2-metre boat in his backyard with a J34 Westinghouse jet engine to top it off. His neighbours and wife must have despaired.

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Sir Oswald Brierly: A man for all occasions

20 Sep 2016

Oswald Brierly is probably known to most Australians for the whaling scenes he painted while at Twofold Bay, near Eden in New South Wales, which perfectly captured the drama and danger of the whaling at that time.

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The life of a lighthouse keeper

08 Jul 2016

The life of a lighthouse keeper is often either romanticised or seen as a desolate life for those who prefer the solitary confines of the role, away from the social rigours of mainland life.

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Cook and the 'Swan of Litchfield'

19 Apr 2016

When the news of Cook’s death reached London in 1780, it did not make front page news, but rather, was merely noted with a small announcement of a single paragraph. 

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