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Annalice Creighton

Annalice is the public programs coordinator at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

How to make an easy deep sea diver costume

How to make an easy deep sea diver costume

18 Feb 2015

What might there be at the bottom of the sea? Oceans galore for you to explore; A shipwreck’s sunken treasure, a fearsome colossal squid, a stealthy submarine or a deep sea diver, out to explore the ocean’s floor.

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Stampin up (a whale of) a storm!

12 Jun 2014

Whether it’s tusk-duelling narwhals, a barnacle-headed mumma whale or a declaration of love for the majestic giants of the aquatic world…there is something just plain delightful about the instant printmaking produced by the humble stamp.

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Re-use a cardboard boxes to make a fearsome viking boat, helmet and sword!

Box-board Vikings

15 Jan 2014

A warrior’s sword, a dragon’s treasure, a great castle, a fearsome sea serpent, a beautiful crown…and a million other wonderful things…all you need is cardboard plus a little bit of imagination.

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Photo story- Ansel Adams Cruise and Workshop

24 Oct 2013

The warm, almost suffocated air inside the velvety fabric tent.  Like hiding under the covers. The image- all upside down, back to front and obscured, unfocused in a gridded glass plate.  It is a concept of the life in front of the lens.

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