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Looking for things to do on a rainy day? Don’t despair, we have some ideas to keep you and your little ones entertained – and most importantly dry!

1. Break out of an escape room

Find hidden clues and solve challenging puzzles while immersed in an entirely different world with storylines that will make you feel like you are in a Hollywood blockbuster. Escape rooms are perfect for building teamwork and communication skills, and there are plenty to choose from in Sydney, including: Expedition Sydney (Redfern); Escape Hunt (George Street, Sydney); Mission Sydney (Pitt & George Streets); ParaPark Sydney (Macquarie Park); and Labyrinth Escape Rooms (Parramatta).

2. Dive into the Maritime Museum

Make a splash at the museum and climb aboard real-life tall ships, warships and a submarine. Play, create and discover in Kids on Deck with art-making, interactive games and dress-ups. Kids under five can take an imaginative journey from the ‘sandy seashore’ to ‘under the sea’ with games, activities and displays in our free Play Gallery – specially designed to inspire curiosity and stimulate growing minds. Explore our seriously scary Sea Monsters exhibition that combines real fossils from millions of years ago, gigantic replicas and hands-on interactives to reveal these ancient monsters of the deep. 

Two kids making a tall ship out of paper and cardboard
Play, create and discover in Kids on Deck at the Australian National Maritime Museum. Image: James Horan Photography, 2019.

3. Have buckets of fun with indoor rock climbing

If your kids love climbing trees or your furniture at home, why not try indoor rock climbing? With indoor climbing gyms all over Sydney, this adrenaline-filled activity makes for the perfect day out and serves as a full-body workout too! As an official sport at the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, now is definitely the time to get climbing! Some of our favourites include Climb Oz (Blacktown), Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym (St Peters), the Edge Rock Climbing Centre (Castle Hill), 9 degrees (Alexandria), and the Climbing Centre (Penrith).

4. Get crafty: Re-use and recycle

The cardboard boxes, cartons and tubs that are lying in your recycling bin, along with other unwanted household items can be treasure troves for craft activities. Do you have some old thongs you don’t wear anymore? Use them to create a starfish! Use marine debris like plastic bottles or coloured foam to create a bottle fish or other sea creature of your choosing. Visit Kids Crafts for more crafty ideas, including whale and krill finger puppets, a pirate hat and using cardboard boxes to create a Viking boat, helmet and sword. 

5. Hang out with celebrities at Madame Tussauds

Transport yourself to a new world at Madame Tussauds Sydney, with over 70 wax figures of sporting heroes, world leaders, to the stars of film, TV, music and fashion – your kids can rub shoulders with their favourite celebrities and superheroes. Help Superman and Wonder Woman lift a real-life helicopter, record a hit song and receive the ‘best newcomer’ award from Adele and walk down the catwalk to be featured on the cover of a magazine! 

What are you waiting for?

You truly don’t need the sun to have fun in Sydney, so next time there is a bit of drizzle, try one of these entertaining experiences and have torrents of fun! 

Laura Signorelli

Laura Signorelli is the Digital Content Producer at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

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