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The museum’s grant and internship program (known as the Maritime Museums of Australia Project Support Scheme or MMAPSS) offers funding to regional museums and organisations to help preserve or display objects of national and historical maritime significance.

It also supports staff or volunteers, from remote or regional organisations, to spend time learning specific skills and making valuable connections.

Here's a report by a recent MMAPSS intern on his recent visit to the museum.


My name is Michael Sutton, and I am a volunteer with the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum at Huskisson, NSW. Well worth a visit if you have an interest in wooden Sydney ferries, shipwrecks, maritime history, indigenous culture or navigational instruments (or anything maritime for that matter).

Recently I was fortunate enough to undertake an internship at the National Maritime Museum. More accurately, I died and went to heaven. This is me with Bailey (Assistant Director – Seagulls):

Michael Sutton with Bailey 

...and at the helm of EndeavourHMB on her voyage of discovery to Darling Harbour. 

Michael Sutton on HMB Endeavour 

My internship allowed me to learn from a diverse group of dedicated, professional and passionate people about how the museum works, while soaking up a magnificent collection of luggers, submarines, barques, barks, Camerons, Darings, Warbys and Cottees. And doing so with great people from other regional museums with different challenges but many common interests. 

Coming back to Huskisson I feel like Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Ancient Mariner ("a sadder and a wiser man he rose the morrow morn"), without the sadness and the albatross. 

Congratulations to the museum for its internships program, allowing people such as myself to learn and to connect with the broader maritime museum family.

Head here for more information on MMAPSS  


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