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There's a reason people are still so fascinated with the art deco style of the 1920s and 1930s - the Great Gatsby, Louise Brooks' iconic bobbed hairstyle, Coco Chanel's fashion, imposing architecture, Man Ray's surrealist photography and Salvador Dali's artworks... right up to the current Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries tv series. The elegant detail and design incorporated into even the simplest of things makes their beauty shine through. 

Take these stylish 'beach pyjamas' from the museum's archives, for example. Why make a trip to the seaside looking drab when you could look fabulous? 

Women's beach pyjama set. ANMM Collection: V00018343

Image: ANMM Collection V00018343

Fashionable ladies could pop down to the beach, or lounge aboard their yachts in this beach pyjama set. Made up of a bolero jacket with flared sleeves and trousers in pale blue silk featuring an art deco and Japanese inspired silk screen print, the pyjamas are fully lined in cream silk. We don't have a designer listed for these, but Coco Chanel's flowing gowns would definitely have been an inspiration. 

Take a closer look at the stunning detail of these pyjamas (and another set from our collection) in the image gallery below.

Speaking of Miss Fisher - did you know that an episode from that series was filmed on board our Edwardian steam yacht Ena? You can visit her at the museum - silk pjs optional!

Director Daina Reid alongside the cast of Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries. Image: ABC Television

Director Daina Reid alongside the cast of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Image: ABC Television

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Danielle Voss

Danielle Voss is the Content Producer at the Australian National Maritime Museum.