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Resources, activities, artworks and ideas to encourage creativity and critical thinking on the themes, concepts and histories linked to Cook’s 1770 visit to Australia’s east coast. 


HMB Endeavour under full sail
Engage: a look at the Endeavour
Gumung derrka. John Bulun Bulun and Paul Pascoe bind the stern. Image: Dianne Moon / ANMM Collection 00017960.
On the water: people & vessels
Muriel Maynard, photograph © Zoe Rimmer
Exploring our place
Colonial Wallpapers - Pacific Encounters, © Helen S Tiernan, 2017. ANMM Collection V00055114
Exploring Australia: Indigenous connections
Mare Del Sud detto altrimenti Mare Pacifico, 1696, ANMM Collection 00050669
Exploring Endeavour: about the vessel
Elliot Maynard with muttonbirds around his neck, 1985 © Ricky Maynard 00018063
Our place: sharing culture through food
Stanmore Public School
Exploring Australia's future
Grassy Hill, Cooktown, © Peter Hudson,  ANMM Collection 00054548
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