On this page you will find resources for teachers and students that encourage exploration of the Encounters 2020 program’s dual perspectives.

These resources have been designed to support teachers and guide students toward deep understandings of the themes explored by the broader program of events, exhibitions and digital projects. 

These resources are intended for all Australian teachers and students and not directly targeted to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers and students with the goal of reaching lasting benefit and increased knowledge of our shared Australian history.

When engaging with Endeavour’s east coast voyage, students and teachers will be able to learn the truth of our nation’s history from dual perspectives – with an emphasis on the 'view from the shore' completing and balancing the 'view from the ship'. It also provides a platform to discuss the many other encounters that have occurred around the continent over time.

All content is linked to the Australian Curriculum and Australian Professional Teaching Standards.


HMB Endeavour under full sail
Encounters Resources: Primary F - 2
Encounters 2020, by Mazart Design Studio
Encounters Resources: Primary 3 – 6
Constellation by Gail Mabo, 2014. © Gail Mabo / Licensed by Copyright Agency, 2019 ANMM Collection 00054564
Encounters Resources: Secondary 7 - 10
Grassy Hill, Cooktown, © Peter Hudson,  ANMM Collection 00054548
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