Australia cares for the fourth largest marine estate in the world, as well as a vast network of inland waters. The museum’s is delivering a ten-year program in support of the UN Ocean Decade because we believe that marine environmental health is our nation’s heath. Our program features exhibitions, research and collection acquisitions. It includes public programs and formal learning programs, public talks and symposia, digital resources, visiting vessels, citizen science programs and exposure for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) developing new technologies and sustainability solutions. It forefronts First Nations perspectives on sustainable futures and includes the impact of changing conditions on our inland and coastal waterways. Our first exhibitions for the Ocean Decade were: One Ocean, Our Future and Ocean Wonders.






22 Jun 2015

A new artificial reef at the Australian National Maritime Museum

05 Mar 2015

Turning the Plastic Tide

17 Nov 2014

Creating art from ghost nets

29 Oct 2014

Whale evolution and adaptation

02 Apr 2014

Saving whales in the International Court of Justice and on the water

12 Sep 2012

Ron and Valerie Taylor and their quest to protect

24 Nov 2011

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