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Kim Tao

Kim is the curator of post-Federation immigration at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

15 Dec 2020

A Mile in my Shoes
Passengers watch from the deck of City of Sydney as Skaubryn burns in the Indian Ocean, 1958. ANMM Collection Gift from Barbara Alysen ANMS0214[005]. Reproduced courtesy International Organisation for Migration

15 Jan 2019

Four ships, one lifeboat

18 May 2018

The saga of Skaubryn

28 Mar 2018

Migration and photography: The Skaubryn archive

24 Feb 2014

Apologies, anniversaries and hidden histories

23 Jan 2014

Waves of migration returns on Australia Day

28 Feb 2013

A chance encounter in Albury

29 Sep 2011

Designing the SIEV X memorial