Join the voyage of a lifetime and the most bucket-list-worthy adventure on the high seas! 

This magnificent tall ship will sail to and from TasmaniaNew Caledonia and New Zealand in 2019. For adventure seekers and history lovers alike, our professional crew will train you in all aspects of 18th century sailing when you learn to sail our replica of James Cook’s HMB Endeavour. 

Why sail Endeavour?
Be an active part of the working crew – climbing, setting sails and taking the helm. Prefer to relax in your own private cabin? Join us as a Supernumerary where you can choose your level of participation. You’ll finish the voyage with a whole new set of skills, new friends and increased confidence to take on life's challenges. 

"The night is magical, full of stars... It’s awe-inspiring to gaze up into the Milky Way, beyond the sweep of the mast, and imagine past sailors navigating by these stars..."

Andrea, Voyage Crew - Sydney to Hobart 2015

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Increase your confidence and skills
By sailing HMB Endeavour you’ll improve your leadership skills and learn the importance of being a part of a team. Choosing to move outside of your comfort zone and facing a series of challenges on board is powerfully confidence-building.

Make new friends and connections
You’ll meet other sailing enthusiasts from a wide range of backgrounds - you'll be connected to the HMB Endeavour community for life!