A sculptural masterpiece by artist Tim Kyle

With a faraway gaze and face partially hidden under his helmet, this monumental 5-metre sculpture evokes the mysteries of his nautical world.


Larger than life, Diver invites us to contemplate the complex, multi-level experiences of being human. Created by artist Tim Kyle, Diver is created from glass-reinforced polyester resin and plywood, with steel armature.


The artist has worked closely with the museum to position the work, looking out over the waters of Darling Harbour (Tumbalong) in Gadigal Country, to mark the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021–2030).

Imposing and playful, the sculpture invites visitors to interact and engage – whether by pause and reflection or a social-selfie moment.


Artist Tim Kyle said, “At an overall height of 5 metres, the piece presents as a metaphor for anonymity and introspection. The sculpted suit acts as a symbolic armour, serving to reinforce his isolation. The scale elevates the figure’s melancholic presence, while retaining the formal elements of traditional sculptural language.”