An online exhibition delving into the events and impact of the Pacific War on the battlefront and at home, 75 years after they occurred.

Australian, Japanese and U.S. perspectives highlight the immense impact of the war on everyone it touched.


Guardians of Sundra Strait: The world war II loss of HMAS Perth and USS Houston

Guardians of Sunda Strait

28 February 1942

The night of Feb 28, 1942 saw the HMAS Perth and USS Houston face off against a large portion of the Imperial Japanese. This is their story of facing overwhelming odds, and the battle's aftermath.


Battle of the Coral Sea

Battle of the Coral Sea

4-8 May 1942

Three navies, four aircraft carriers, 255 aircraft and 76 ships in a four-day battle that changed naval warfare forever. Eight ships sunk, 161 aircraft destroyed and 1622 men killed.



Bombing of Darwin

Bombing of Darwin

9 December 1941

The Bombing of Darwin was the first attack by Japanese forces on the Australian mainland after Australia had officially declared war on Japan on the 9th December 1941.


Pearl Harbour

Pearl Harbor Remembered

7 December 1941

I grew up hearing my dad’s tales of the Second World War, the good and the bad. One of my joys was him tucking me into bed of a night, Navy fashion; nice and tight.


The Homefront 2018 WAPIP75 Education program panel exhibition

WAPIP75 Learning Program – The Homefront WWII

This banner exhibition examines how civilians lived in a world at war and contributed to the war effort. Explore the students' research through this new activity guide for high school students.

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2019 Youth Ambassadors with their teachers in Japan

WAPIP75 2020 International Learning Program

To mark the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, the theme for the 2020 learning program is Peace, Revelation and Reconciliation. Join students from Australia, Japan and the USA to investigate what the end of WWII meant in your country and share your discoveries with international colleagues.

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