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The Museum is now open.

Please check our website on the morning of your visit to ensure there have been no changes to our museum opening time.

Immerse yourself in our wide range of events, tours and hands-on activities.

Or entertain the little ones during school holidays, go behind-the-scenes with a guided tour, jump aboard one of our vessels, catch a film, join in some fun and educational kid's activities, marvel at stunning wildlife photography and so much more!

15 Sep 2022 - 02 Oct 2022

Titanic The Movie The Play

16 Jul 2022 - 01 Oct 2022

Sail on Duyfken

26 Mar 2022 - 25 Sep 2022

Swashbuckling Birthday Parties

Open Daily in school holidays and Sundays in term time

Ocean Lab

Father’s Day 

Father's Day

08 May 2022 - 04 Sep 2022

High Tea on SY Ena

13 - 21 Aug 2022

Science Week

17 Aug 2022

Ocean Talks: Sea-ing the Future

3 July - 12 July 2022

Prehistoric Creature Encounters with Erth

28 May 2022 - 19 Jun 2022

GATHERING HONEY: stories of family, ceremony, migration and place

18 Jun 2022

MEHREEN FARUQI and OSMAN FARUQI on family, food and identity

18 Jun 2022